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Are you aware of how many activities in your life could potentially be causing damage to your smile or even putting your mouth at risk of future damage? There are several common activities that you may be involved with that we often do not think about as a form of dental damage. Due to the numerous tooth hazards in your life, it may be wise to set forth a checklist in advance to analyze all aspects of your life and make changes necessary to keep your teeth and gums safe.

Wearing tongue piercings, drinking tooth staining products, binge eating and grinding your teeth are all known tooth hazard risks. By protecting your mouth against these potential risks, you can drastically lower the chances that you will end up chipping or cracking teeth, suffering dental erosion, choking on unhealthy products, suffering infections or any other potential health risks that they can cause. As with all potential tooth hazard risks, speak with your dentist about procedures to help prevent and treat damage that may occur.

Several tooth hazard risk factors can arise and damage your teeth by biting into hard products. Although your teeth are designed to chew through foods, they are not so well equipped for biting into hard materials. Even if you are able to bite into hard products such as candy apples as a child, your teeth may have slowly worn down to become more brittle with age. Thus, avoid biting into hard products that can damage your teeth, including ice, cough drops, pens, pencils, your fingernails or any other inedible products. By avoiding products that can chip and crack your teeth, you can keep your smile safe from tooth hazard risks that can arise.

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