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Aren’t these Invisalign® aligners fantastic? Nobody is going to call you “brace face” or “metal mouth” like they did in days of yore. Truly, they are a wonder of modern dentistry! Now you must keep them properly maintained so that they remain clear and invisible to the naked eye.

Here are a few tips to keep them clean and clear:

– Rinse your aligners and your mouth out often–especially after eating. Even though you might think that the aligners are fitting so tightly to your teeth that things aren’t getting underneath, you would be wrong. A quick dunking, swishing, and spritzing will keep dried saliva and plaque from forming, and keep away any foul smell that comes from long use.

– Brush when you can before putting aligners in your mouth. While it may not be able to happen except in morning and evening sessions in the bathroom, whenever you can brush your teeth before inserting your aligner, do so. This will keep any food particles from becoming trapped underneath.

– Do a deep clean at home. Soak your aligners with a deep cleaning product you will find easily in the grocery store or pharmacy. Invisalign has their own official product you can find online.

– Use antibacterial soft soap when you need a quick clean. Use a clear kind that will not stain the aligner and never use toothpaste as it has an abrasive substance in it that helps clean teeth but will gouge the aligner plastic. If this happens it will collect plaque in the grooves.

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