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Treating a cavity is a common procedure that is needed quite a bit. Your dentist, Dr. Christopher Bernardini, knows exactly how to fix a tooth that suffers from tooth decay so you can have the strong, healthy, functional tooth you deserve. Now, even though your dentist is a professional you can trust with your smile and oral health, you might still feel a little nervous about your appointment. If this is the case, our dental team encourages you to ask your dentist questions. The more you know about the treatment, the better because you’ll know what to expect during your treatment. This might even help wash away some nerves! So, feel free to ask your dentist questions, especially questions like:

– What type of filling will you use to restore my tooth?
– What type of treatment will you use to help me feel calm and comfortable in the dental chair?
– Will this treatment be finished in one appointment or will I need to come back for an additional appointment?
– How long will the treatment be?
– How much does the treatment cost?
– Can I bring someone, like a family member or friend, to my appointment?
– Can we establish a signal before we begin to tell you I need a break?

For more information and details, please don’t be afraid to contact our dental team in Staten Island, New York. Like we said, the more you know, the better! So, please reach out to Christopher Bernardini at 718-987-4040 at your earliest convenience. We look forward to helping you!